My Wife’s Boobs

The Daily Life and Adventures of My Wife’s Boobs

Naked Mommy

Here is my wife’s boobs being a naked mommy getting a show ready for the kids while drinking her green smoothie.

Wife’s Fantasies

The last four months have been challenging for our relationship. My wife’s boobs haven’t wanted to have sex with me or even be touched or approached by me sexually. She was going through a deep change in how she perceived me. She was even having multiple dreams of having sex and being penetrated by otherContinue reading “Wife’s Fantasies”

Nude Wife Swimming in the River

My wife’s boobs and I finally had sex again last night. It had been nearly 4 months since she had been open to sex with me. The tide is turning and it feels great.

Boobs in the Hammock

Another day of my wife’s boobs resting naked in the hammock. She often cooks naked and walks naked around the house in the morning time after taking her shower.


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