Showing Her Breasts at the Beach

This pic was from a few years ago when my wife’s boobs were much more conservative. This was her first time stripping at a beach, albeit a private one where no one else was around. To this day she still dresses and acts very conservatively. Her alter ego only comes out anonymously for this websiteContinue reading “Showing Her Breasts at the Beach”

Bottomless at the Beach

I love when my wife’s boobs wears this top. This shirt shows so much cleavage. It’s so soft when I grab her boobs from behind and there’s just a light fabric in between my hands and her skin. It’s almost impossible to wear a bra underneath this shirt too. My wife’s tits were stripping downContinue reading “Bottomless at the Beach”

Dropping Her Towel and Exposing Her Naked Body

Every morning I get treated to this wonderful sight of my naked wife’s boobs after she showers. She typically has a busy occupied look on her face with everything she has to do around the house. But for at least one minute a day I get to see this wonderful sight. And then typically she’sContinue reading “Dropping Her Towel and Exposing Her Naked Body”

Striptease at the Beach, Part III

This picture is the third in a striptease series from my wife’s boobs at the beach. She loves being naked out in nature, especially at the beach, but there’s not always an opportunity to do so. Luckily, we found a private and secluded section. She first took off her see-through white shirt to expose herContinue reading “Striptease at the Beach, Part III”

Striptease With One Boob Showing

My wife’s boobs are so cheeky and playful with me. They know just how to seduce me. Today there were in see-through lacy white lingerie with a lacy black covering over top. They started off by revealing one boob, just Nip, before revealing everything else and going topless. I really do feel like such aContinue reading “Striptease With One Boob Showing”

Striptease on the Beach, Part II

My wife’s boobs were out at the beach again. This picture is part II of a series of pictures of her striptease when she was taking off her top to liberate her naked boobs at the beach. They definitely believe in freeing their nipples and being open and fully expressed. The beach is a greatContinue reading “Striptease on the Beach, Part II”

Striptease at the Beach

My wife’s boobs were back at the beach freeing their nipples. They were getting topless and took off the see-through white T-shirt covering their breasts. Another great day relaxing in the sun for them. And I got some great pictures in a sequence of them in a striptease taking off their clothes. They love goingContinue reading “Striptease at the Beach”