My Wife’s Boobs Smoking Naked Again

My wife’s breasts had another stressful day. They had felt a headache earlier in the day and then later in the day the kids were just being kids. This year also hasn’t been the easiest of years either. So Nip and Nippette took a break from their health eating, yoga and gardening to soothe themselvesContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Smoking Naked Again”

Naked Boobs Amazon Woman With Machete

My wife’s boobs do not mess around when they are angry. And when they’re wielding a machete, watch out! Her naked breasts love to be out in nature, out in the dirt with her hands in the ground. They are not afraid to face challenges head on, and they will cut you if you messContinue reading “Naked Boobs Amazon Woman With Machete”

Naked Smoking

Today was a super stressful day for my wife’s boobs. The kids were yelling and nothing was going right at work. And my wife’s breasts don’t like to admit it, but when they are feeling stressed, occasionally they’ll still smoke a cigarette and go on a kick for a time. The habit started in theirContinue reading “Naked Smoking”

Resting Topless After a Long Day’s Work

After a long day’s work, my wife’s breasts love to sit back and relax topless. But with two small kids running around, they don’t get the chance that often. Today was one of those days where nothing went right and my wife’s boobs became frustrated and stressed. Fortunately, today they had a brief moment toContinue reading “Resting Topless After a Long Day’s Work”

Naked Boobs Firing Employees

For my wife’s breasts, one of the hardest parts about when the virus hit was having to lay off and drastically reduce the hours of many of their employees. All of their employees are loyal. And their employees completely understood the global pandemic and what was happening in the world. Nonetheless, that didn’t make itContinue reading “Naked Boobs Firing Employees”