Topless Wife With a Mask

My wife’s boobs in the last month has really been facing her deepest fears and hurts. She’s confronting her internal demons and clearing out a bunch of childhood stuff. She’s facing issues like non-injury, lack of trust and other things. She’s getting to know herself better. She’s becoming more empowered. It’s really inspiring to seeContinue reading “Topless Wife With a Mask”

Topless With a Mask

One of my favorite things to do in intimate times is role-playing. And using a mask is quite fun. My wife’s boobs found this mask in a hotel we were staying in and put it on for fun. We don’t often get time for ourselves away from the kids or get the chance to role-playContinue reading “Topless With a Mask”

Naked Woman With Elephant Mask

Something new my wife’s tits tried out tonight was roleplaying with a mask on. Make believe and roleplaying are two things she typically doesn’t like as much. She’s used to having businesses, working a professional career in administration and handling loads of responsibility. Even when she was a little girl she had lots of responsibilityContinue reading “Naked Woman With Elephant Mask”