Whipped Cream Nipples With Pumpkin Pie

Every fall and especially for holiday time we have a tradition of making homemade pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is too sacred of an experience to do it any other way. Store bought pumpkin pie is unacceptable in this house. So is pumpkin pie from a can. For the last eight years, we get a niceContinue reading “Whipped Cream Nipples With Pumpkin Pie”

Boobs Wrapped Like a Present

I love when a special occasion comes around like a birthday or anniversary or Father’s Day. My wife’s boobs love to tease me and strip naked after dressing up in lingerie. She has one set of lingerie here perfect for special occasions where she wraps her boobs and pussy in a bow so she looksContinue reading “Boobs Wrapped Like a Present”

Pink Playboy Bunny Lingerie

What a great Father’s Day present from my wife’s boobs. They surprised me and got dressed up in a pink playboy bunny lingeries that accentuated her naked breasts. Not pictured here are the white tail and bunny ears that came with the costume. Nip and Nippette are definitely the centerfolds of my life and theyContinue reading “Pink Playboy Bunny Lingerie”

Gift Wrapped Boobs Wishing Me a Happy Birthday

Wow, I feel so grateful and blessed when my wife’s breasts surprise me for my birthday. Even though they are quite busy with work and kids, they still take the time to think of me. And they seemed to know exactly what I like the most and gift wrapped themselves in a bow. My wife’sContinue reading “Gift Wrapped Boobs Wishing Me a Happy Birthday”