Topless Wife in Blue Jean Shorts

My wife’s boobs are one of the most open girls sexually that I know. She is open to a wide variety of sexual activity in various situations, men or women, threesomes, being dommed, and various other things. Although she doesn’t search them out or make them a part of her life naturally. It’s only whenContinue reading “Topless Wife in Blue Jean Shorts”

Working on Our Relationship

My wife’s boobs and I continue to work on our relationship and understand each other better. She has recognized patterns from childhood around survival, money and stress that her parents had that she has carried with her. That affected her sex drive and how she perceived and treated me for a number of years. AsContinue reading “Working on Our Relationship”

Nipples Barely Hiding Under Her Shirt

My wife’s boobs and I continue to deepen our relationship. We continue to work through old hurts, expectations and desires for each other. It’s a process that never stops. The more time passes the closer we come together and the better we understand each other. I love this woman more and more every day. AndContinue reading “Nipples Barely Hiding Under Her Shirt”

My Wife’s Boobs’ Leisure Shirt

My wife’s boobs where’s this shirt around the house a lot and also to bed at night. What I love about the shirt is that the material is very thin and also see through. During the day I am often able to hug her from behind and feel her lovely breasts underneath her shirt. ThisContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs’ Leisure Shirt”