Topless Amazon Woman in the Jungle

As I get to know my wife’s boobs better, I see how powerful of a woman she is. She continues to claim more and more of her power. In the last few months, she is really undergoing a sexual revolution. She has been so conservative and monogamous sexually. But now she wants to have aContinue reading “Topless Amazon Woman in the Jungle”

Naked Amazon Woman

My wife’s boobs have a classic Amazon woman body. She’s quite tall, nearly six feet and she has really long legs. She has a strong frame and big boobs. She also loves working out in the garden and getting dirty. And she loves gardening topless or naked. So she really does fit a classic stereotypeContinue reading “Naked Amazon Woman”

Naked Amazon Woman Swinging a Machete

My wife’s boobs really are an Amazon woman with those long legs of hers that she could crush me with. When she’s out in the garden topless swinging that machete, she’s downright dangerous and sexy. Like straight out of a fantasy. To me, she’s basically what would happen if you could create the ideal woman.Continue reading “Naked Amazon Woman Swinging a Machete”

Naked Amazon Woman in the Jungle

My wife’s boobs love being out in nature topless or naked. And they love working out in the garden, in the yard and getting dirty. Today they were doing some work with a machete and they were really in their element. My wife has the figure of an Amazon woman. Tall, powerful legs, wonderful breasts,Continue reading “Naked Amazon Woman in the Jungle”