Homemade Christmas Ornaments

We were putting the Christmas tree away and this is one of the homemade Christmas ornaments the wife and kids made together. My wife’s boobs main New Year’s resolution is to transform her stress response and learn to have greater trust in life. For years, even with her high capacity in life, she was alwaysContinue reading “Homemade Christmas Ornaments”

Naked Girl Tangled in Christmas Lights

We were taking down the Christmas tree yesterday and my wife’s boobs got tangled up in the Christmas lights. On purpose, I think. And she was taking down the star on top too. She kind of looks like a Christmas tree herself. What an amazing year 2021 was for us and our relationship. And ourContinue reading “Naked Girl Tangled in Christmas Lights”

Dominatrix Present For Christmas

My favorite gift for Christmas is when my wife dresses up and acts like a dominatrix doing some sort of roleplay. Combine that with some time on the pole and it’s pretty much the best Christmas for me personally. Whenever she gets creative and offers something like this, I feel like a really lucky specialContinue reading “Dominatrix Present For Christmas”