Topless Girl Playing in a Curtain

While we were on vacation my wife’s tits were playing with a curtain in our hotel room. This month has been good for us to take more time off for ourselves and the family. This week I have really felt my wife’s thoughts and attention on me. I feel her genuine care and have feltContinue reading “Topless Girl Playing in a Curtain”

My Wife’s Boobs’ Leisure Shirt

My wife’s boobs where’s this shirt around the house a lot and also to bed at night. What I love about the shirt is that the material is very thin and also see through. During the day I am often able to hug her from behind and feel her lovely breasts underneath her shirt. ThisContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs’ Leisure Shirt”

Nipples Showing Through White T-Shirt

Here’s a shot of my wife’s nipples showing through her wet white T-shirt. She told me the other day that this blog is something special between her and me. We haven’t told a single soul that we have this blog. She feels like this is where her alter ego comes out. During the day she’sContinue reading “Nipples Showing Through White T-Shirt”