Fantasies of My Wife’s Boobs

This morning I was stroking my wife’s boobs clit. I was also giving her some visual fantasies to help get her going. I talked about one of the experiences I saw at the tantra course. There were three girls who got together during the play night. They started playing and licking each other’s nipples. ThenContinue reading “Fantasies of My Wife’s Boobs”

Personalized Pictures For You From My Wife’s Boobs

If you like the pictures and stories on this site, my wife’s boobs have finally decided to allow requests for personalized pictures for your eyes only. If you have a request, you can send her an email with what you would like specifically for your picture. For example, you could ask for a personalized messageContinue reading “Personalized Pictures For You From My Wife’s Boobs”

Working Topless on Her Laptop

My wife’s boobs are always multitasking it seems. She was balancing going to the beach with the administrative work she has to do. So she ended up working on her laptop in her swimsuit once she got back from the beach. Then she ended up taking off her swimsuit halfway and working topless until sheContinue reading “Working Topless on Her Laptop”

Naked Boobs With a Valley View

My wife’s boobs and I took the kids on a weekend getaway and we found a great place that had a view of the valley below. What a great view with her being naked with the scenery in the background. She is typically a homebody who feels better with the security and patterns of beingContinue reading “Naked Boobs With a Valley View”

Flirtatious Topless Woman at the Beach

My wife’s boobs were topless at the beach playing out in the ocean today. She was quite cheeky and playful. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful woman in my life. I love that we get to go to the beach and play around and that we’ve found a private area too where weContinue reading “Flirtatious Topless Woman at the Beach”