Homemade Pesto Recipe (Video)

My wife’s boobs are quite the homemaker. Instead of buying sauces and nut butters, she likes to make her own at home. And they taste SO much better. This is a basic recipe she uses to make homemade pesto with just five ingredients using a food processor. INGREDIENTS: Cashews Spinach Parmesan cheese Garlic Olive OilContinue reading “Homemade Pesto Recipe (Video)”

Topless Wife on Standing LifePro Vibrator (Video)

My wife’s boobs are such a health nut. Besides yoga and diet, she is always seeking out the latest health contraptions. When she first said she was buying a vibrator, I was quite excited. But it turned out to be this standing vibrator plate meant to vibrate the whole body. I didn’t know what theContinue reading “Topless Wife on Standing LifePro Vibrator (Video)”

Topless Wife Jumping on the Trampoline (Video)

We finally got the first video ready for this blog. For the past year my wife’s boobs have not wanted to do videos, only pictures. But something shifted after the tantra course she went to, and she really wanted to share more about naked healthy living. She said she wanted to start doing some videos.Continue reading “Topless Wife Jumping on the Trampoline (Video)”