The Story of My Wife’s Boobs

I am just an average Joe with an amazing wife who has wonderful boobs. Over the years I had watched my wife’s boobs experience life, both the highs and the lows. I remember the first time they came out of hiding and made themselves known to me. I remember dating when they were playful and mischievous.

And then there were the stressful years when my wife’s boobs were building a career. Then having babies brought extreme highs and lows.

My wife’s boobs were immensely joyful at the pinnacle of their creation during breastfeeding. And the pinnacle of their stress and tiredness with sleepless nights and other childrearing issues.

A few years later with more life experience and reflection, my wife’s boobs, Nip and Nippette, found inner peace and rest. One day on a beach in a sarong, they came out and expressed their true joy and realized who they were.

My wife’s boobs knew they were here to bring joy and encouragement to the world. If you feel like you’d like to support my wife’s boobs to continue their journey you can do your amazon shopping through this link.

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