My Wife’s Tits Smoking Naked Again

I always get turned on when I see my wife’s boobs smoking. We both grew up in religious families, me especially. And smoking wasn’t part of what was OK. Plus we all know how bad smoking is for your health. And my wife’s tits are SO health conscious. She’s a yoga teacher, she’s gluten freeContinue reading “My Wife’s Tits Smoking Naked Again”

Naked Girl Smoking to Reduce Stress

Now that my wife’s boobs have been trading stocks, she’s been getting quite stressed again. To reduce stress, she’s been smoking naked and eating lots of chocolate. She actually orders a thick brick of dark chocolate every month that she plows through. When she’s trading stocks, she gets so stressed and agitated that it makesContinue reading “Naked Girl Smoking to Reduce Stress”

Naked Woman Smoking Again

Every once in a while my yoga teaching, healthy eating, holistic lifestyle preaching wife’s boobs still want to smoke a cigarette. She learned to smoke when she was working in restaurants just out of high school. She loves how a cigarette makes her feel. It helps her to relax. And when she’s smoking naked, IContinue reading “Naked Woman Smoking Again”

My Wife’s Tits Smoking Naked Again

Some days my wife’s boobs just need a smoke. Nowadays she eats healthy, practices yoga and lives a holistic lifestyle. She doesn’t eat much sugar, she doesn’t drink much and she treats her body well. But when she was in college she worked as a waitress and she drank and smoked a lot. She wasContinue reading “My Wife’s Tits Smoking Naked Again”

My Wife’s Boobs Smoking Naked Again

My wife’s breasts had another stressful day. They had felt a headache earlier in the day and then later in the day the kids were just being kids. This year also hasn’t been the easiest of years either. So Nip and Nippette took a break from their health eating, yoga and gardening to soothe themselvesContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Smoking Naked Again”