Naked Smoking

Today was a super stressful day for my wife’s boobs. The kids were yelling and nothing was going right at work. And my wife’s breasts don’t like to admit it, but when they are feeling stressed, occasionally they’ll still smoke a cigarette and go on a kick for a time.

The habit started in their earlier days when they worked at restaurants. Health and wellness is so important to them and they take SO much time and effort to garden, practice yoga and keep a healthy diet of living foods with fruits and veggies. They even do really well with avoiding sugar most of the time too.

So they do feel guilty when they resort to smoking after a stressful day. But my wife’s boobs know they’re not perfect. And to relax after a stressful day, they were happy to get naked, grab a cigarette and calm down.

Nip and Nippette also only smoke tobacco that they roll up themselves with no chemicals or anything else added. So even when they’re smoking, they have to do it as healthy as possible.

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