Green Plantains and Sweet Plantains

We have plantains growing in the backyard. So many uses for them! When they’re green and not yet ripe, we’ve used them in soups. We’ve made patacones. We’ve ate them as potato chips. We make pancakes with them if you mix in an egg. Seriously the best pancakes ever. Especially when your topless wife makesContinue reading “Green Plantains and Sweet Plantains”

Peanut Butter on My Wife’s Nipples

My wife’s boobs every week makes a new batch of peanut butter. She sees it’s so much cheaper to buy good peanuts at the store and then use the food processor to make peanut butter. It’s the best and most healthy peanut butter we’ve ever had. Our family consumes lots of peanut butter. And itContinue reading “Peanut Butter on My Wife’s Nipples”

My Wife’s Boobs Making Coconut Milk

My wife’s boobs live off fresh coconut milk in her coffee every day. Either she or our cleaner make fresh coconut milk 2-3x weekly. She cannot have coffee any more without her coconut milk. On small trips she’ll even bring a small container of coconut milk with her. She has coffee 2x a day. AndContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Making Coconut Milk”

Wife’s Boobs Making Spicy Sauerkraut

My wife’s tits were cooking topless again. She regularly makes different kinds of sauerkraut. Today she made spicy sauerkraut that included turmeric, ginger, garlic and daikon radish among other things. Because sauerkraut is fermented, it carries healthy gut bacteria which helps with digestion. And it’s quite tasty too.

Almond Butter Lathered On Her Tits

Whenever my wife’s boobs have free time, they’re often organizing, arranging or making something new at the house. She has found that it’s much cheaper and much healthier to make her own nut butters at home instead of paying $10 for a small jar of organic almond butter or peanut butter. In fact, for lessContinue reading “Almond Butter Lathered On Her Tits”

Naked Tits Cooking Pumpkin Pie at Christmas

We are back to preparing more pies for the holiday. We love making homemade pumpkin pie from scratch with real pumpkin. The crust is homemade. We use raw grassfed cream, which makes for the best whipped cream. I wish I could describe how good this pumpkin pie tastes. And it tastes even better licking themContinue reading “Naked Tits Cooking Pumpkin Pie at Christmas”