Happy Thanksgiving With Naked Boobs and Pumpkin and Apple Pies

My wife’s boobs wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This year she was cooking naked and we made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. All homemade from scratch. No cans. Nothing prebought. Even the crusts were made from scratch. There were graham cracker crusts with agave. A real pumpkin. Real apples. Lots of yummy spicesContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving With Naked Boobs and Pumpkin and Apple Pies”

Boobs in a See-Through Shirt Making Coffee

Making homemade coffee is a daily ritual for my wife’s tits. Every morning and afternoon she prepares coffee. She also makes her own homemade coconut milk which she religiously mixed into her coffee. She buys locally made coffee. Decaf. She has no desire to ever kick her coffee habit. If she goes a few daysContinue reading “Boobs in a See-Through Shirt Making Coffee”

How to Make Homemade Almond Butter

My wife’s breasts have become really proficient at making a variety of foods from scratch at home. All of our nut butters she makes from scratch at home, whether it’s peanut butter, almond butter or walnut butter. This week she actually combined all three. The nut butter you see on her nipples is actually aContinue reading “How to Make Homemade Almond Butter”

Naked Boobs Serving Apple Pie

My wife’s naked tits served me apple pie today. The apple pie was exquisite. So was she. I love that we both take the time to make pies and other recipes naturally instead of just buying it premade from the store or buying it from a can and then making it. The freshest most healthyContinue reading “Naked Boobs Serving Apple Pie”

In a See-Through Shirt Making Coconut Milk

Typically my wife’s tits wear this shirt with a sports bra, but today around the house she went without the sports bra. She also LOVES fresh made coconut milk in her coffee. So twice a week she hammers away at a coconut prying out the flesh and then using a bag that acts like aContinue reading “In a See-Through Shirt Making Coconut Milk”

Topless With Apple Pie

I love the fall every year with holidays approaching, time with family and lots of pies. My wife’s boobs were cooking topless in the kitchen, and this time we made an apple pie. The most tedious part was peeling and cutting the granny apples. But it was all worth it. The apple pie was fabulous.Continue reading “Topless With Apple Pie”

Salad Dressing Squirted on Boobs

My wife’s boobs eat healthy and eat a lot of salads. She also makes homemade salad dressing too. Her dressing consists of lots of basil, olive oil, garlic, tahini and other spices. Quite tasty indeed. Today she was having issues with the bottle and accidentally squirted a dollop of the salad dressing right onto herContinue reading “Salad Dressing Squirted on Boobs”

Cooking Topless

She doesn’t get the chance very often with the little ones around, but sometimes my wife’s boobs get the chance to cook topless. She prepared some pasta and vegetables for the kids and then we had a salad for ourselves. Parenting little ones requires so much time and attention. So much work and so littleContinue reading “Cooking Topless”