Naked Girl Yoga – Table Top Pose

My wife’s boobs have a New Year’s resolution this year to maintain her yoga practice and continue her fitness exercises as well. This topless yoga pose is called Table Top. She’s been pretty consistent for a number of years now with both yoga and fitness. She’s also going to be teaching two classes a week,Continue reading “Naked Girl Yoga – Table Top Pose”

Naked Yoga – Plow Pose

My wife’s boobs were practicing yoga topless again, part of her regular time. We actually have one day on the weekend that we practice together. And she has a few days a week where she attends a fitness class too. It’s all part of her fitness and yoga routine to round out a holistic approachContinue reading “Naked Yoga – Plow Pose”

Topless Yoga – Warrior One

My wife’s tits have been pretty good for a long time now in maintaining a regular exercise routine. She mixes in yoga and fitness. She feels she needs daily movement for her body to feel good. She’s taken a bit more rest from exercise this year than she typically would, but she still gets inContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Warrior One”

Topless Yoga – Camel Pose

I love when my wife’s boobs practices yoga topless. Sometimes she likes to do two things at once, always being as efficient as possible. Some days she’ll do her yoga naked out in the sun so she can sunbathe and do her exercise at the same time. She’s always thinking about productivity and efficiency.

Topless Yoga Pose – Fallen Triangle

After my wife’s boobs had so much personal benefit from practicing yoga, she decided to become a yoga teacher after we first got married. She completed her training on weekends when she had a full time job during the week in administration. She was always working and always busy. It meant a lot to herContinue reading “Topless Yoga Pose – Fallen Triangle”

Topless Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose

My wife’s boobs were practicing yoga again today. Today’s picture is the extended hand-to-big-toe pose. Yoga helps my wife’s boobs stay healthy and flexible. Specifically, yoga helps her out with chronic pain after some car accidents previously in life. Regular yoga practice has helped her tremendously in her spiritual practice too.