Topless Lord of the Dance Pose

My wife’s boobs were back practicing yoga topless today. After a series of downward dogs to begin their flow, they turned to more fun and advanced poses. The topless pose pictured here is the lord of the dance. My wife’s tits love yoga and they consider yoga to be part of an essential holistic wayContinue reading “Topless Lord of the Dance Pose”

Topless Yoga – Triangle Pose

My wife’s boobs were back at it today with their weekly topless yoga routine. With some previous back issues, yoga helps them to maintain strength and vigor and to keep the pain away. If they go more than a few months without any yoga, they notice stiffness and pain in their back. The triangle poseContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Triangle Pose”

Topless Yoga

My wife’s breasts love practicing yoga. Her boobs like to do yoga topless whenever possible. A number of years ago after a few car accidents, my wife’s boobs noticed some chronic pain in their back. Practicing yoga 3-4x a week really helped my wife’s boobs with their pain. Being top heavy, my wife’s boobs knewContinue reading “Topless Yoga”