Striptease on the Beach, Part II

My wife’s boobs were out at the beach again. This picture is part II of a series of pictures of her striptease when she was taking off her top to liberate her naked boobs at the beach. They definitely believe in freeing their nipples and being open and fully expressed. The beach is a greatContinue reading “Striptease on the Beach, Part II”

Sitting Naked on the Beach

After a week of errands and being with the kids, it was yet again time for my wife’s boobs to have a day sitting naked on the beach. Her naked breasts had a chance to rest and relax out in the sun. They used to not spend enough time taking care of themselves or rejuvenating.Continue reading “Sitting Naked on the Beach”

My Wife’s Boobs Heart Me

I felt so loved and appreciated when my wife’s boobs hearted me on the beach. My wife’s boobs always make me feel good, but when they hearted me in the sand, I felt extra special. What an amazing day that was when Nip and Nippette went out of their way to express their love forContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Heart Me”

Welcome to the Adventures of My Wife’s Boobs

My wife’s boobs want to welcome you into their world and into their daily lives, thoughts and adventures. They want you to feel nice and cozy while learning about them and seeing them express themselves in the world. Nip and Nippette are happy to be able to share themselves with you and are blissful inContinue reading “Welcome to the Adventures of My Wife’s Boobs”