Striptease on the Beach, Part II

My wife’s boobs were out at the beach again. This picture is part II of a series of pictures of her striptease when she was taking off her top to liberate her naked boobs at the beach. They definitely believe in freeing their nipples and being open and fully expressed. The beach is a greatContinue reading “Striptease on the Beach, Part II”

Sunbathing Naked on the Beach

We found a private secluded beach where my wife’s boobs could sunbathe naked with no one around. The rays of the sun were so invigorating and refreshing for them. And so liberating being nude out in nature with the sun hitting their skin. They really need time to refresh. And they didn’t use to takeContinue reading “Sunbathing Naked on the Beach”

My Wife’s Boobs Acting Like Eve

My wife’s boobs love to get naked on the beach. Her breasts are quite cheeky and today they decided to dress up like Eve in the Garden of Eden. With lots of leaves close by, they had no trouble finding a set of leaves cover her naked breasts. I have to say that Nip andContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Acting Like Eve”