Topless Yoga Pose – Revolved Crescent Lunge

My wife’s boobs was back to practicing yoga topless today. She had been really sick with an earache and step throat for the last two weeks. For the last three nights she hasn’t been able to sleep well due to the swelling in her ears. But she’s feeling better and getting back to her yogaContinue reading “Topless Yoga Pose – Revolved Crescent Lunge”

Naked Yoga – Plow Pose

My wife’s boobs were practicing yoga topless again, part of her regular time. We actually have one day on the weekend that we practice together. And she has a few days a week where she attends a fitness class too. It’s all part of her fitness and yoga routine to round out a holistic approachContinue reading “Naked Yoga – Plow Pose”

Topless Yoga – Warrior One

My wife’s tits have been pretty good for a long time now in maintaining a regular exercise routine. She mixes in yoga and fitness. She feels she needs daily movement for her body to feel good. She’s taken a bit more rest from exercise this year than she typically would, but she still gets inContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Warrior One”

Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand

My wife’s boobs are pretty good at inversions when she’s doing yoga. She’s so tall that she looks mesmerizing when she does a topless headstand. The last six month from the virus she’s taken more time and rest which has helped her a lot to reduce her chronic stress and to see that she doesn’tContinue reading “Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand”

Topless Yoga – Camel Pose

I love when my wife’s boobs practices yoga topless. Sometimes she likes to do two things at once, always being as efficient as possible. Some days she’ll do her yoga naked out in the sun so she can sunbathe and do her exercise at the same time. She’s always thinking about productivity and efficiency.

Topless Yoga – Triangle Pose

My wife’s boobs were back at it today with their weekly topless yoga routine. With some previous back issues, yoga helps them to maintain strength and vigor and to keep the pain away. If they go more than a few months without any yoga, they notice stiffness and pain in their back. The triangle poseContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Triangle Pose”

Topless Yoga

My wife’s breasts love practicing yoga. Her boobs like to do yoga topless whenever possible. A number of years ago after a few car accidents, my wife’s boobs noticed some chronic pain in their back. Practicing yoga 3-4x a week really helped my wife’s boobs with their pain. Being top heavy, my wife’s boobs knewContinue reading “Topless Yoga”