Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand

My wife’s boobs are pretty good at inversions when she’s doing yoga. She’s so tall that she looks mesmerizing when she does a topless headstand. The last six month from the virus she’s taken more time and rest which has helped her a lot to reduce her chronic stress and to see that she doesn’t have to be busy all the time.

It’s just been recently that she’s felt the desire to be productive again and where she’s had more energy to practice yoga and exercise more than she has during this time of rest.

2 thoughts on “Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand

  1. Are you aware, that your wife has beautiful feet too? You should introduce a category “feet”… lots of foot lovers like me would join this blog and enjoy all these wonderful pictures. I grant it to everybody who has the chance to discover your blog!


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