Avocado Covering Her Pussy

Avocado is a daily staple in our family. We’ll often make guacamole, nachos or cut up avocado to mix into our salads. My wife’s boobs can list off all the healthy fats and nutrients found in avocado and our kids love it too. We’ll make avocado toast and squeeze lime on top. There are endlessContinue reading “Avocado Covering Her Pussy”

Naked Breasts Modeling Avocados

My wife’s boobs LOVES whole living foods. They can’t stop telling me and others how important it is to eat organic local living foods. Especially ones like avocado. Avocados are full of healthy fats and vitamins to strengthen the body. And this particular strain of avocado isn’t the normal one you’d find in a groceryContinue reading “Naked Breasts Modeling Avocados”

Naked With Avocado In Front of Her Pussy

My wife’s boobs will do anything to advocate for healthy eating and being sustainable with the environment. Avocados are FULL of vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids. They are one of the best foods you could possibly eat! Plus this avocado pictured here is NOT a Hass avocado — it’s a local variety toContinue reading “Naked With Avocado In Front of Her Pussy”