Naked Breasts Modeling Avocados

My wife’s boobs LOVES whole living foods. They can’t stop telling me and others how important it is to eat organic local living foods. Especially ones like avocado.

Avocados are full of healthy fats and vitamins to strengthen the body. And this particular strain of avocado isn’t the normal one you’d find in a grocery store. This type of avocado is a local variety, a different species that only grows here in the yards of local farmers.

It’s also super important to promote species diversity and heirlooms when growing crops. There are thousands of species of tomatoes, apples and many other every day fruits and veggies where we only see a few types in our supermarkets. Monocrops make it difficult for species diversity.

Whenever possible, always make sure to find different species of the common fruits and veggies you eat.

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