Naked Girl Yoga – Table Top Pose

My wife’s boobs have a New Year’s resolution this year to maintain her yoga practice and continue her fitness exercises as well. This topless yoga pose is called Table Top. She’s been pretty consistent for a number of years now with both yoga and fitness. She’s also going to be teaching two classes a week,Continue reading “Naked Girl Yoga – Table Top Pose”

Topless Yoga Pose – Revolved Crescent Lunge

My wife’s boobs was back to practicing yoga topless today. She had been really sick with an earache and step throat for the last two weeks. For the last three nights she hasn’t been able to sleep well due to the swelling in her ears. But she’s feeling better and getting back to her yogaContinue reading “Topless Yoga Pose – Revolved Crescent Lunge”

Naked Yoga – Plow Pose

My wife’s boobs were practicing yoga topless again, part of her regular time. We actually have one day on the weekend that we practice together. And she has a few days a week where she attends a fitness class too. It’s all part of her fitness and yoga routine to round out a holistic approachContinue reading “Naked Yoga – Plow Pose”

Topless Yoga – Warrior One

My wife’s tits have been pretty good for a long time now in maintaining a regular exercise routine. She mixes in yoga and fitness. She feels she needs daily movement for her body to feel good. She’s taken a bit more rest from exercise this year than she typically would, but she still gets inContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Warrior One”

Topless Meditation

My wife’s boobs have a 30-minute daily meditation. She says it really helps her relax and get back into feeling zen. She found this picture of Buddha to take a picture next to as well. She also isn’t someone to theoretically practice spiritually. She does the meditation because it actually really helps her ground andContinue reading “Topless Meditation”

Stretching Topless in Purple Lacy Lingerie

One of the most amazing features of my wife’s boobs are her stunning long legs. She is a work of art when she is stretching or doing yoga. She can do some damage with those legs of hers. Her legs are full of muscle and she is strongly rooted in the ground. She’s an earthContinue reading “Stretching Topless in Purple Lacy Lingerie”

Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand

My wife’s boobs are pretty good at inversions when she’s doing yoga. She’s so tall that she looks mesmerizing when she does a topless headstand. The last six month from the virus she’s taken more time and rest which has helped her a lot to reduce her chronic stress and to see that she doesn’tContinue reading “Topless Yoga Pose – Headstand”

Exercising and Sunbathing Topless

You might look at this picture and think my wife’s boobs are teasing me or flirting with me in some way. But you’d be wrong. She’s actually more focused on multi-tasking and efficiency. She does her morning yoga stretches while sunbathing so she doesn’t have a tan. This was my view when I got outContinue reading “Exercising and Sunbathing Topless”