Boobs Smoking Again

I saw my wife’s boobs smoking cigarettes again today, which can only mean one thing — she’s really stressed out. She only buys a pack of cigarettes maybe once or twice a year. and it comes in high stress situations for her.

The last few weeks she’s been facing some internal demons and issues around money and survival. Growing up was really stressful having an alcoholic mother and she learned never to trust her surroundings or the people around her. And her parents fought so much about money and they always acted as if they never had any money and couldn’t get food on the table. Even though food was always there.

So my wife’s boobs still carry a lot of stress and tightness around survival, money and finance. And she’s trying her best to let go of the stress, the tightness and the overreaction.

And if it gets too much, then she starts smoking.

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