Happy Thanksgiving With Naked Boobs and Pumpkin and Apple Pies

My wife’s boobs wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! This year she was cooking naked and we made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. All homemade from scratch. No cans. Nothing prebought. Even the crusts were made from scratch. There were graham cracker crusts with agave. A real pumpkin. Real apples. Lots of yummy spicesContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving With Naked Boobs and Pumpkin and Apple Pies”

Topless With Apple Pie

I love the fall every year with holidays approaching, time with family and lots of pies. My wife’s boobs were cooking topless in the kitchen, and this time we made an apple pie. The most tedious part was peeling and cutting the granny apples. But it was all worth it. The apple pie was fabulous.Continue reading “Topless With Apple Pie”

Cooking Topless

She doesn’t get the chance very often with the little ones around, but sometimes my wife’s boobs get the chance to cook topless. She prepared some pasta and vegetables for the kids and then we had a salad for ourselves. Parenting little ones requires so much time and attention. So much work and so littleContinue reading “Cooking Topless”