Fantasies of My Wife’s Boobs

This morning I was stroking my wife’s boobs clit. I was also giving her some visual fantasies to help get her going. I talked about one of the experiences I saw at the tantra course.

There were three girls who got together during the play night. They started playing and licking each other’s nipples. Then one of the girls went down on the other girl while the last girl licked the nipples of the same girl. So two girls were pleasuring another girl.

After going down on the girl and getting her turned on, she introduced a strap on. They were giggling and laughing and really enjoying each other. Then they used the strap on and brought each other to orgasm in this process. And they each took turns with each other.

My wife’s boobs got so horny when I told her this story. She wondered aloud if she would be OK with licking another girl’s pussy. She said she has fantasies of being fingered by another girl, and of another girl licking her pussy, but isn’t sure if she could give in return.

I really enjoy

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