Making Money From Her Boobs?

When I married my wife’s boobs, I knew I was marrying a conservative wholesome girl. I knew I was marrying someone who would never do something like displaying her boobs on the internet and taking sexy pictures like this.

I was marrying someone who was going to be a mom, a responsible person and a business owner. I didn’t know I was also marrying someone who was willing to have this alter ego on the internet and who would play with other women and men at tantra courses.

My wife’s boobs have never wanted to be seen. She has always avoided the limelight. That’s one of the reasons she still wants to remain anonymous on this site.

And now the thought of making money from her boobs? A good girl would never put her boobs online, let alone make money from her boobs? But yesterday, my wife’s boobs thought it would be a good idea to offer personalized pictures here on this site to start to monetize this site.

That’s the business side of her mind coming out. I didn’t know I was marrying such a naughty girl. For her it would be fun to make money from her boobs. To have this site that none of her friends or family know about that also produces a bit of revenue.

She is looking forward to the personalized requests that come in and to displaying her breasts in a personalized way so she can generate some more income. Her breasts are inviting you to connect with her!

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