Best Sex Ever!

I just had the best sex with my wife’s boobs ever. It was 100x better than any sexual experience we’ve ever had together. I actually had a really deep cry right after sex, which I’ve never done before ever.

The difference is that she was actually expressing herself emotionally during sex. She used her voice to express and was very expressive from the very beginning. I can’t describe it, but her emotional expression was exaggerated and pronounced.

And that’s the main thing I’ve always wanted. I felt like I was making love to an emotionless lump for a decade that was very minimally emotionally expressed.

She told me yesterday she’s a wild woman now. And she doesn’t give a fuck about anything except opening her bottom two chakras. She ordered a pole online for pole dancing.

I really have never ever seen this woman before and I’m so so so excited!!

2 thoughts on “Best Sex Ever!

  1. I’m so glad for the both of you! I knew it will turn out this way! In another comment, I wanted to tell you my story I had with a lover of mine. Quite similar. But the comment never appeared… Strange… But anyway. So so so glad for you! Enjoy your sexy wife. Caress her naked body. And make love to her! I love you both. And I’m so happy!

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