Aftermath of the Tantra Course

My fears and downward spiraling were all unfounded. Yes, my wife was super sexual with many other people, but she didn’t have sex with anyone. She wanted to have sex with the guy she was with in the previous course, but it didn’t end up happening.

Instead in the spiritual group orgy night, she and the guy’s wife both rubbed his cock and sucked on his cock together at the same time.

She ended up rubbing lots of cocks, sucking on lots of boobs and rubbing vaginas, but nothing to orgasm. And she also received lots in return. This has totally burst her out of her monogamous bubble.

Now we’re going to another tantra course in two weeks together and going to have lots more fun together. This was her first time being sexual with another woman at this course, and I cannot wait to see her being sexual with a woman at the next course in two weeks!

My low lows from earlier this week are now turning into high highs.

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