Topless Wife in Blue Jean Shorts

This was a picture of my wife’s tits in blue jean shorts that I took a while ago, but hadn’t posted yet. I took this picture back when our relationship wasn’t as juicy and we didn’t have that much sweetness for each other.

We had a period of four years straight where something new was birthed each year. Our first child. The next year a brick and mortar business that took all our savings. Then our second child. Then a second brick and mortar business in a different industry that all our savings again and put us in $50,000 of credit card debt as well.

We did both of these businesses together and we are great working partners. But there was no time for us during those times. No time for nurturing ourselves or each other.

It’s only been in the last year since the pandemic hit that we’ve really had time for ourselves and for each other.

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