My Wife’s Boobs Holding a Flower

Our sexual relationship has improved dramatically since going to the tantra course last month. For almost our whole marriage, my wife wasn’t that attracted to me sexually and spent a lot of time swatting me away and creating walls and boundaries. It was always a push pull energy between us.

But since the course, it’s completely changed. Her walls have come down and the way that I’ve approached her has completely changed. I used to be needy and wanted to be around her all the time. Which caused her to swat me away and protect herself.

I was hurt and wounded and blamed her for not being sexual or having a sex drive. But everything changed at the course.

It’s been so different and so much better. I give her space. We create polarity. No more victim or blaming from me. It’s been amazing.

2 thoughts on “My Wife’s Boobs Holding a Flower

  1. I’m so glad for you! Enjoy her sexuality like she should enjoy yours. Donate pleasure one to another. Sexual energy flowing between two beautiful, naked bodies becoming one single, libidinous body is the greatest gift on earth.
    (P.S.: this picture would be even better if we could see her foot as a whole… se another reply I left… ;-)…)


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