My Wife’s Boobs Gardening

My wife’s tits were out gardening again. This picture was just before she took off her white T-shirt with no bra underneath. I love seeing her in her rubber boots out in the mud getting her hands dirty as she loves to do so much. She’s planted yucca and other tubers which we’ve enjoyed harvestingContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Gardening”

Topless Cutting Down Rack of Bananas

My wife’s boobs were out in the garden again, this time cutting down a rack of bananas that were ready to go. She loves being out in nature with her tits naked which makes her feel liberated and free. She also loves being with the earth, with the plants and getting her hands in theContinue reading “Topless Cutting Down Rack of Bananas”

Raking and Gardening Topless

My wife’s tits were at it again gardening topless fully exposed to the sun. Most days they spend at least a little time planting, weeding, pruning and making sure their hands get into the dirt. Few things are as enjoyable or nourishing for them as to be out growing food and being in their garden.Continue reading “Raking and Gardening Topless”

Topless Gardening With a Wheelbarrow

My wife’s naked boobs were out again in the garden this morning. Today they were moving some soil into a raised bed. They shoveled a few loads of dirt from the other side of the yard and were able to get enough soil into the raised bed today. Her boobs definitely love gardening topless. AndContinue reading “Topless Gardening With a Wheelbarrow”

Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete

My wife’s boobs were out gardening again this morning like they always are. Fit with rubber boots, gloves and a machete to cut away the brush. In this picture they are relaxing after doing some work. Only Nippette came out for this picture. Topless gardening is one of their favorite activities. They love getting theirContinue reading “Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete”

Topless Gardening Cutting a Rack of Bananas

We feel so blessed to be able to have banana trees growing in our backyard. Today my wife’s boobs were out during their daily topless gardening and they saw this rack of bananas almost ripe. They climbed the ladder, got the machete and went out to cut the rack of bananas. With our son lovingContinue reading “Topless Gardening Cutting a Rack of Bananas”