Leaves Covering Naked Breasts

We have SO many different types of plants and tropical leaves growing in our backyard. Some are purple. Some are red. All different shapes and sizes. All these leaves makes it fun for my wife’s boobs to play with. Here she is modeling one of the types of green leaves in our garden. To meContinue reading “Leaves Covering Naked Breasts”

Purple Leaves Covering Her Naked Tits

My wife’s boobs were gardening naked again today. In our garden we have lots of plants and bushes, including ones with purple leaves. I’m not sure of the name of the plant, but the purple looked striking and we thought it would look great for my wife’s tits to model them. They do like channelingContinue reading “Purple Leaves Covering Her Naked Tits”

Naked With Leaves Covering Her Tits

Today my wife’s breasts were outside gardening again. They’ve been quite happy with the progress of the yucca plants they planted a few months ago. Now the plants are almost as tall as my wife’s boobs. Nip and Nippette took a few of the yucca leaves and decorated themselves to show the progress of theirContinue reading “Naked With Leaves Covering Her Tits”

Giant Leaf Covering Naked Breasts

My wife’s boobs found this gigantic leaf that could be turned into almost a full-size dress just on its own. Nip and Nippette took this opportunity to play Eve in the Garden of Eden, although a bit more modest with this gigantic leaf. My wife’s boobs also want to take this opportunity to remind usContinue reading “Giant Leaf Covering Naked Breasts”