Topless Yoga – Seated Twist

My wife’s tits are now teaching yoga two times weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 430 pm. She received her 200 hr training 11 years ago and just completed her 500 hr about 18 months ago. For a number of years she didn’t teach because she was too stressed and exhausted from starting businesses andContinue reading “Topless Yoga – Seated Twist”

Topless Downward Dog

My wife’s boobs loves exercising and needs it for her body almost on a daily basis. When she was younger she used to do fitness training and weightlifting. But then after some car accidents and having chronic back pain, she found yoga. Yoga helped her so much physically and spiritually in her life. She wasContinue reading “Topless Downward Dog”

Topless Lord of the Dance Pose

My wife’s boobs were back practicing yoga topless today. After a series of downward dogs to begin their flow, they turned to more fun and advanced poses. The topless pose pictured here is the lord of the dance. My wife’s tits love yoga and they consider yoga to be part of an essential holistic wayContinue reading “Topless Lord of the Dance Pose”