Sitting Topless on the Counter

My wife’s boobs were wearing sexy red underwear and decided to take a break on the counter. I took the opportunity for a picture. Typically she is running around managing lots of activities, kids and business. She has had more free time the last six months due to the virus and she’s been learning toContinue reading “Sitting Topless on the Counter”

Topless in Blue Jean Shorts

After another day with kids and work, it’s time for my wife’s tits to relax topless. This time in blue jean shorts. I feel lucky and blessed every time she relaxes naked. My wife’s boobs are worker bees. Always productive. Always busy doing something. It’s only been with the virus that they’ve learned they don’tContinue reading “Topless in Blue Jean Shorts”

Naked Tits Returning From the Sauna

My wife’s boobs also make sure they get time in the sauna now. They didn’t use to take time for themselves to do things for rejuvenation, like going to the sauna. The far infrared is incredibly rejuvenating and actually regenerates cells and has been scientifically proven to help with a variety of physical ailments. BeingContinue reading “Naked Tits Returning From the Sauna”

Naked Boobs Lying in Bed

Today my wife’s boobs and I stayed in a hotel room with a hand carved wooden headboard. We thought the headboard looked quite nice so my wife’s breasts decided to go topless and model the bed in our hotel room. We think the picture is quite artistic and illustrates just how amazing the wooden artworkContinue reading “Naked Boobs Lying in Bed”

Naked Smoking

Today was a super stressful day for my wife’s boobs. The kids were yelling and nothing was going right at work. And my wife’s breasts don’t like to admit it, but when they are feeling stressed, occasionally they’ll still smoke a cigarette and go on a kick for a time. The habit started in theirContinue reading “Naked Smoking”