Topless Breasts Lying on a Couch

One of my favorite ways to see my wife’s boobs is when she’s arching her back in a way that accentuates her breasts. There are multiple yoga poses that do it. Plus she’s always just naturally stretching throughout the day and often times she unwittingly flirts with me and she doesn’t even know it.

Topless Girl Taking Off Clothes

My wife’s boobs are always distracting me accidentally. I’ll be in our room in the morning trying to work. She’ll get done with her shower and be naked changing her clothes while she’s in front of me. There are no signs of flirtation or sexual innuendo, but she’s so sexy that she’s still quite distractingContinue reading “Topless Girl Taking Off Clothes”

Standing Topless on the Patio

My wife’s boobs were standing topless on the patio yesterday before she was getting ready to go out and do some gardening. We were just chatting about our day. We feel so blessed to have some time off so she can do some gardening and get some relaxation and rejuvenation that she didn’t know sheContinue reading “Standing Topless on the Patio”

Topless Waking Up in Bed With Coffee

My wife’s boobs generally is like a train waking up. She needs a little bit of time and lots of coffee. She needs a full 8 hours of sleep. It was hard when the kids were little and she was perpetually a zombie being woke up in the middle of the night. But now sheContinue reading “Topless Waking Up in Bed With Coffee”

Topless Lying on a Futon

My wife’s boobs were resting topless on the futon while we were talking about our day. In this tropical environment it feels best to wear less clothing. In spite of that, my wife’s tits are still typically very modest and conscious of other people. She doesn’t like to be naked or even show much cleavageContinue reading “Topless Lying on a Futon”

Sitting Naked in a Chair Part II

If you knew my wife’s boobs, you would never think that she would do a blog like this. In real life she’s too responsible. She has kids. She has a business with employees. She’s serious. She doesn’t like to be photographed. She doesn’t spend hardly any time on Facebook. She doesn’t like to sexualize herselfContinue reading “Sitting Naked in a Chair Part II”

Sitting Naked in a Chair

2020 has given us more time than we ever thought to relax. We’ve used that time to create this blog and to strengthen our relationship after being so busy for years. We were both so depleted from small children and starting two different businesses. We’ve been able to see the silver linings this year hasContinue reading “Sitting Naked in a Chair”