Wife’s Muddy Boobs Resting Topless in a Wheelbarrow

My wife’s tits are real, raw and they love the dirt and mud. Here they are lying with muddy boobs in a wheelbarrow. My wife will face the deepest yuckiest demons within herself to find the truth and bring it to the light. So will I. She’s been doing it all year this year andContinue reading “Wife’s Muddy Boobs Resting Topless in a Wheelbarrow”

Wife’s Boobs Willing to Have a Threesome

I just started spending time with another girl. That girl told me recently she likes the prospect of having a threesome with me and my wife. My wife also told me she’s willing to have a threesome with that girl. It could just be a matter time before this dream comes to fruition. This wouldContinue reading “Wife’s Boobs Willing to Have a Threesome”

Resting Topless in Lacy Undies

Here’s another picture of my wife’s tits resting topless on the couch in a lacy white g-string. She is currently facing her deep internal demons of not being good enough, of self-judgement during times of non-productivity, and of never feeling like she’s enough. She’s learning how to feel centered without outside evidence of her self-worthContinue reading “Resting Topless in Lacy Undies”

Naked Girl Standing on a Balcony

My wife’s tits this year have been facing her internal demons. She’s been doing a lot of work in personal growth. She’s been getting rid of old patterns that don’t serve her and has worked a lot on controlling less and being more in connection, amongst other things. She’s really been stripping herself naked insideContinue reading “Naked Girl Standing on a Balcony”

Topless Girl Sitting on the Counter

My wife’s boobs and I are really taking the time to communicate and understand each other better and better. For the first number of years of our marriage, there were many elements we communicated very well. And one area around sex and our intimacy that we had terrible communication. I could never communicate my needs,Continue reading “Topless Girl Sitting on the Counter”