Working on Our Relationship

My wife’s boobs and I continue to work on our relationship and understand each other better. She has recognized patterns from childhood around survival, money and stress that her parents had that she has carried with her.

That affected her sex drive and how she perceived and treated me for a number of years. As we recognize the unconscious patterns, we’ve been able to really transform how we interact with each other, including our sex lives.

This year has been a big transformation for both of us, of which I am really grateful for.

2 thoughts on “Working on Our Relationship

  1. Inspiring to see that you guys are committed to growing together… makes this blog SO much more about nudity and porn… makes it even HOTTER to be honest.


    1. If you knew her in real life, you would think it would be even hotter. If you knew her in real life, you wouldn’t think she would have a blog like this. You would know her as a responsible serious businesswoman and mom who manages employees and is quite busy. And sometimes stressed. Yet, she has this other side that is open to doing a blog like this and to playing in this way — when she’s not busy during the day.


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