Topless Girl in the Desert

Every morning during the tantra course my wife’s tits and I would take a morning walk in the desert. She really wanted to see me be sexual with another woman. There have been multiple times at these tantra courses where another woman would touch my penis and I would feel nothing. I would only be attracted to my wife and no one else.

It was a major milestone for me when this other woman sucked on my cock and made me orgasm during one of the temple nights. The next morning my wife approached the woman and thanked her repeatedly. It was the same woman later in that week who was rubbing me at the same time my wife was.

This week really solidified for me that confident women are attracted to me sexually. It was really an empowering week for me.

One thought on “Topless Girl in the Desert

  1. The desert may be hot… but compared to your wife, the desert must be a freezer… may I visit you one day to see if She’s as greedy for copulating with me as I am for copulating with Her?


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