My Wife’s Boobs in Purple Lingerie

My wife’s tits bought this purple lingerie for the tantra retreat we just got back from. One of the best experiences at the course was an exercise designed to celebrate male pleasure and to take away the shame involved in male pleasure.

So we were all out in the desert as a group and the men were pleasuring themselves. But the women helped. So my wife was standing behind me rubbing my cock.

Then another woman approached me from the front and grabbed my cock. Both my wife and another woman were rubbing my penis at the same time. I was in total heaven.

Then my wife grabbed my hand and placed my hand firmly on the naked breast of the girl in front of me. That was one of the hottest moments of the course for me.

One thought on “My Wife’s Boobs in Purple Lingerie

  1. I’m sorry to say that… but I just jerked off looking at this picture… your wife is such a damn hot, drop-dead gorgeous, enticing, spicy, sexy Goddess… even without showing Her bare boobies She’s a charmer for my trouser snake… oh, how I’d like to meet Her at one of your tantra courses… oh how I’d like to slip my hand under this purple lingerie to massage Her nipples with my thumbs until they’re so big and hard that they could cut glass… oh, yes! This sexpot makes me very, very horny…

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