Dropping Her Towel and Exposing Her Naked Body

Every morning I get treated to this wonderful sight of my naked wife’s boobs after she showers. She typically has a busy occupied look on her face with everything she has to do around the house. But for at least one minute a day I get to see this wonderful sight.

And then typically she’s off working, busy and occupied the rest of the day. Most days she is also too tired at night for sexual activity. At least this is how our lives used to be for almost a decade.

Especially with two toddlers, and when we were starting two different businesses. There was just no time for each other. No time or energy for sex or sexuality.

So most days that one minute after the shower was all I had for months and years at a time.

Now we’re a bit more playful about it. Now we have some more time for each other. But the morning towel drop when she’s oblivious to me is still meaningful for me.

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