Bossy Breasts in a Tie and Glasses

Bossy Boobs in a Tie and Glasses

If you are around my wife’s boobs for any length of time, you know they are BOSSY! There’s no way around it. My wife’s breasts are natural leaders. They know what to do and what needs to get done.

Nip and Nippette have held very professional jobs both publicly and privately. They have backgrounds in administration, finance and accounting. They can see the details other cannot.

My wife’s boobs have also run two different businesses with employees. They are accustomed to bossing men around and getting what they want.

But everyone who works for them know how loving and kind they can be. Their employees love them and are loyal to Nip and Nippette. My wife’s breasts strike the perfect balance between bossing people around and providing loving leadership.

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