Boobs in an “Old Lady” Dress

My Wife’s Boobs in Their “Old Lady” Dress

When my wife’s boobs aren’t working or being with the kids, they still like to be productive around the house. Whether it’s organizing, cooking new food items or starting new projects, my wife’s boobs are always on the go.

They’re not trying to be sexy. They don’t have much time to relax. And much to my chagrin, they most naturally choose productivity over sex and having fun. (Although lately my wife’s boobs are making a concerted effort to be more balanced.)

Around the house, my wife’s breasts like to be as comfortable as possible. For today’s interview, only Nip was available for comment. Nippette was occupied with other activities.

Nip said she stopped caring about what other people think and bought a dress that she felt comfortable in. Nip only admitted the dress looks like an old lady dress, but she likes it and she likes how she feels in it. And she likes how comfortable she feels moving around the house going about her daily activities. And for Nip and Nippette, that’s what matters most for them.

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