Naked Wife With Red Leaves Covering Her Pussy

My wife’s tits don’t want to show her pussy or her identity so it’s fun to get creative in having her be naked while also covering her face and vagina. Here she is naked with rubber boots out in the jungle. We found some colorful red leaves to cover her pussy and a big leafContinue reading “Naked Wife With Red Leaves Covering Her Pussy”

Leaves Covering My Wife’s Vagina

I love seeing my wife’s boobs naked on display. She agreed to have pictures of her completely naked out in nature with only leaves covering her vagina and her face. I love how willing she is to do these pictures and to be able to show her breasts and incredibly body to the world. IContinue reading “Leaves Covering My Wife’s Vagina”

Naked Girl With Leaf Covering Her Pussy

We have so many different types of plants and leaves that grow naturally in our backyard. This leaf here is from an epiphyte. An epiphyte is an air plant, a plant that grows on other trees. My wife’s boobs modeled this leaf by acting as Eve naked in the Garden of Eden with the leafContinue reading “Naked Girl With Leaf Covering Her Pussy”

Eve Naked in Garden of Eden With Giant Leaf

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