Boobs Planting a Pineapple

One of the activities my wife’s breasts enjoy the most is gardening. Nip and Nippette love getting their hands dirty in the soil. And most recently my wife’s boobs experimented with a pineapple plant. Soon this plant will need to be transplanted into the earth. My wife’s boobs are growing and experimenting with lots ofContinue reading “Boobs Planting a Pineapple”

Boobs in an “Old Lady” Dress

When my wife’s boobs aren’t working or being with the kids, they still like to be productive around the house. Whether it’s organizing, cooking new food items or starting new projects, my wife’s boobs are always on the go. They’re not trying to be sexy. They don’t have much time to relax. And much toContinue reading “Boobs in an “Old Lady” Dress”

My Wife’s Boobs Heart Me

I felt so loved and appreciated when my wife’s boobs hearted me on the beach. My wife’s boobs always make me feel good, but when they hearted me in the sand, I felt extra special. What an amazing day that was when Nip and Nippette went out of their way to express their love forContinue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Heart Me”

Welcome to the Adventures of My Wife’s Boobs

My wife’s boobs want to welcome you into their world and into their daily lives, thoughts and adventures. They want you to feel nice and cozy while learning about them and seeing them express themselves in the world. Nip and Nippette are happy to be able to share themselves with you and are blissful inContinue reading “Welcome to the Adventures of My Wife’s Boobs”

Free the Nipple

One of the inspirations for my wife’s boobs was the “Free the Nipple” campaign started by Lina Esco in 2012. My wife’s boobs secretly always felt they should be free to express and expose themselves however they wanted. They felt inspired when Lina started the campaign and when women around the world started protesting inContinue reading “Free the Nipple”

Reemerging to Offer Their Gifts

During their time on the beach, my wife’s boobs felt like they had reemerged from a long slumber. With newfound freedom, Nip and Nippette are excited to show themselves to the world freely and unabashedly. They feel like they have much to share and lots of joy and happiness to bring.

My Wife’s Boobs Finding Their True Purpose on the Beach

After getting worn down from breastfeeding and raising small children, my wife’s boobs were due for a much needed break. Nip and Nippette traveled to a warm beach for some sun and relaxation. Previously, my wife’s boobs had been shy and modest in public. They had been obedient girls. But today was a different day.Continue reading “My Wife’s Boobs Finding Their True Purpose on the Beach”