Wife’s Breasts Advocating a Simple Life

My wife’s boobs are so happy that we moved out of a big city and into the countryside where we can raise our kids. Being in nature, having a garden and raising our kids outside has always been important for my wife’s breasts. My wife’s boobs are advocates of a simple life connected with theContinue reading “Wife’s Breasts Advocating a Simple Life”

Banana Between Naked Boobs

My wife’s boobs LOVE good bananas. Bananas are high in potassium. And there are no better bananas than those grown fresh and organic in your backyard. My wife’s breasts recently planted some banana bulbs in our own backyard to go alongside those that just recently ripened. Nip and Nippette are so happy to have freshContinue reading “Banana Between Naked Boobs”

Naked Boobs Firing Employees

For my wife’s breasts, one of the hardest parts about when the virus hit was having to lay off and drastically reduce the hours of many of their employees. All of their employees are loyal. And their employees completely understood the global pandemic and what was happening in the world. Nonetheless, that didn’t make itContinue reading “Naked Boobs Firing Employees”

Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete

On a trip last year in the jungle, my wife’s breasts learned how to wield a machete. Her boobs were naked, but definitely not afraid. Her breasts learned some survival skills and learned about some plants that are helpful in the jungle. Nip and Nippette were excited to learn to use a machete. And theyContinue reading “Topless Amazon Woman With a Machete”

Topless Breasts in Blue Jean Shorts

Since the virus started, my wife’s boobs have really learned what it means to relax. Nip and Nippette were used to always being busy and never having a spare moment to themselves. When the virus started and their business was grounded for the time being, my wife’s breasts had unexpected free time. At first theyContinue reading “Topless Breasts in Blue Jean Shorts”

Gift Wrapped Boobs Wishing Me a Happy Birthday

Wow, I feel so grateful and blessed when my wife’s breasts surprise me for my birthday. Even though they are quite busy with work and kids, they still take the time to think of me. And they seemed to know exactly what I like the most and gift wrapped themselves in a bow. My wife’sContinue reading “Gift Wrapped Boobs Wishing Me a Happy Birthday”

Bossy Breasts in a Tie and Glasses

If you are around my wife’s boobs for any length of time, you know they are BOSSY! There’s no way around it. My wife’s breasts are natural leaders. They know what to do and what needs to get done. Nip and Nippette have held very professional jobs both publicly and privately. They have backgrounds inContinue reading “Bossy Breasts in a Tie and Glasses”

Boobs Planting a Pineapple

One of the activities my wife’s breasts enjoy the most is gardening. Nip and Nippette love getting their hands dirty in the soil. And most recently my wife’s boobs experimented with a pineapple plant. Soon this plant will need to be transplanted into the earth. My wife’s boobs are growing and experimenting with lots ofContinue reading “Boobs Planting a Pineapple”

Boobs in an “Old Lady” Dress

When my wife’s boobs aren’t working or being with the kids, they still like to be productive around the house. Whether it’s organizing, cooking new food items or starting new projects, my wife’s boobs are always on the go. They’re not trying to be sexy. They don’t have much time to relax. And much toContinue reading “Boobs in an “Old Lady” Dress”