My Wife Is Ready to Be a Tantra Facilitator

After the tantra course my wife’s boobs says she is now ready to be a tantra facilitator at these courses. She is also ready to embark on her naked life coaching funnel for men where she will reveal all parts of herself including her face and pussy.

She is all about the evolution and personal development of mankind at her core. And she feels one of the fastest ways to help people with their struggles is through sexuality and how people relate to their own sexuality and how to integrate sexuality and spirituality.

The idea is that her body will be a real time feedback loop for men. In the virtual group coaching sessions, as the men face their fears, have more internal presence and complete challenges, her clothes will come off and she will get turned on and pleasure herself.

The idea is to help men get better with women, have more success with women and have a better sex life. But to do that requires more confidence, facing fears, learning what turns women on, how to be on purpose in your career and much more. There is so much that goes into being a powerful man.

And her body and her pleasure will be the real time response to how men are progressing through their own internal and external challenges in this coaching program.

If you want to know more, write a comment or send her an email!

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