Wife Open to New Things

What I love about my wife’s boobs are that she is open to new things. We’ve moved and traveled around the world. We’ve opened businesses. She is always learning and growing and recreating herself.

AND she is also open to new things sexually. The first eight years of our marriage with starting businesses and having children were quite boring and stressful. There was not much sex for four years and when we did it was quite boring.

But in the past few years, my wife has attended tantra courses with me. And at those courses she has masturbated to orgasm a few times in the midst of a group of people. She has played with at least ten other women, kissing, licking breasts and rubbing vaginas.

She has been in multiple threesomes and foursomes. She has sucked the cock of 3 different guys, all in a group setting with 50 other people around. One of those times the guy straddled her face while she has been lying down. She has rubbed at least 30 cocks or more at these courses.

She has done a strip dance in front of 50 people rubbing her breasts and pussy in the faces of two other men. She has also fucked another girl from behind with a strap on and in a few other positions.

And some things that she hasn’t done that said she would like to try are:

  1. Be tied up and dommed by another guy, in front of a group of people
  2. Go past her edges in the tantra realm, meaning finally having penetration with someone else and probably sucking on way more than the three cocks that she has.
  3. Have sex with another guy in front of the entire group while everyone else watches
  4. Have her pussy licked and fingered by another woman to orgasm

And most likely there would be other situations that she would be open to as well, whatever showed up in front of her at one of these courses if the other people involved were integral and had a lot of depth and presence.

But at home during the day you would never know these things about her. She doesn’t seek out sexual situations. She can take it or leave it. She spends a lot of her time on business and family. She doesn’t wear makeup. She’s not boisterous or a show off. She doesn’t want to be the center of attention.

All these things at the tantra courses are a big stretch for her, pushing her past her boundaries, like an alter ego that comes out only at certain times.

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